Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Prints up on Etsy

I have begun an Etsy account. http://www.etsy.com/shop/WhiteWingPhoto I've put up the extra prints from CONduit. If you are interested in any of them please check them out. They are high quality metallic prints, limited edition, and double matted. There will soon be a bracelet joining them.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Things Said in the Studio

K... So I lied. I'm totally forgetful about this, BUT I can put little things that are said in the studio since Jess is here all the time now. :D Enjoy....

"Why can't they make it easier to destroy their product" - my lil ponies & dehairing to mod

"Just gotta get up on top of it, straight." - Photography. No really. what were YOU thinking.

"Ride pony ride" you don't want to know. - Jess talking about Lady Godiva 

I'ts okay. I'll let you do porn, don't worry. - Jamie wanting to Victorian Angel Porn Stock for Jess... but Can't.... 

we need to get her trashed, and then do a photoshoot.  - Jamie was saying modeling would be easier if she was drunk

Helps if I smell my name right. - Rose trying to log into dA

We'll just cut you ot of this damn thing -lacing rose into a corset

It's okay. I'll just duct tape it - jess fixing electrical equipment

a patch isn't too bad when you can't see an yway - sarah about pirate gear

You can put a dent in my skin! - rose talking about sarah with a sword

your sword is a little bent - steve talking about sarah's ... sword

eeew I'm wearing dirty sarah nylons! -rose talking about her fishnet glvoes

FLASH! Oh wait, there's so much skirt you can't see anything... -rose forgetting she's still in pirate gear.

You'll stick to boobs but not to papper. - Jess fighting with the double stick tape getting things ready to ship.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Confusion Continues

So, I've been forgetful, and easily confused recently... Today was no exception (and apparently the last couple weeks for this same subject). I had put on the art group website 1pm for the start time of the group shoot. The male model expected 1pm, all the photographers (except me) expected 1pm. On the casting call for a female model I put 10am, and thought I had changed the group to 10am. I was rushing around this morning for no real reason... Luckily I was brought to my senses and caught the female model before she left, and all's still good.... so to speak. GAH!




I'm going to finish getting ready at a more leisurely pace now.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm back... w/ a Vent about Dog people

Ok... so I got distracted from my blog, but I'm going to try again. I may need poking and prodding. Not sure if/when I'll do the POTD again. Things have been a little crazy.

My friend, Jess, convinced me to do CONduit this year (a little last min). I wasn't sure how I'd do since I do photography, don't have a ton of Sci-Fi/Fantasy style stuff yet, and it was my first time. I was pleasantly surprised, I sold 2 pieces. If you are curious what prints I took I have them in my recent uploads on dA.

Now, we are working on a new project. Jess is moving in downstairs! YAY! Her and her husband are going to help remodel the house as part of the rent. We are making and Art/studio for the two of us. It will have her drafting and framing stuff, and my photography stuff. The two of us are going to partner and do art stock, so watch for the announcement of our new combined dA account. Our friend Sarah is going to help us with costuming.

I've got a new puppy! 

 she's a bit bigger now... 

 She's Chocolate Lab/Pitbull mix. She's 8.5 months old and about 53 lbs. She's the sweetest thing, she loves going to the dog park and loves going on photo shoot hikes. 


I just wanted to ask this person what they were smoking... but I was nice and didn't. I'm part of a lab forum. Someone posted a few pictures of their dog because they weren't seeing the lab, but they were told he is a lab/pointer mix. One smart person thought the dog wasn't point, but Pitbull. .... Which do you see a resemblance too? The person said they saw it in the face... but the front on picture of the face looks exactly like the front on pointer faces...

(images CR to the dogs owners)


Ok... I'm done now... Time to get ready for Jess to come over.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

6 am and Weird Photographer

Sorry I haven't gotten the POTDs up... This week Steve has had to be on base at 7am, which means he's dropping me off at work at 6am (well before my alarm normally goes off). Since I'm not a morning person I am dead when I get home, and I had 2 shoots on Mon & Tues so I've been going through those. I have them, I will post them as soon as I get a chance that I am coherant.

I also model (for those who didn't know), and I applied for a casting call on ModelMayhem for an Artist's model (after getting more info I think it's for a school, though it still wasn't clear). Ok, talk about weirdness, the photographer/artist who is conducting the casting call appears to want NOTHING to do with nudes, but it's for an artistic nude artist's model (?). And he wants a full body shot in a "swimsuit" ("no nudes") so he can see your body shape... umm.... a swimsuit will hold you in all over the place... (unless MAYBE it's a bikini...). The whole thing made no sense. So yeah, I'm not doing that, even if it didn't mean taking off from my normal job.

So that's a little of my week..... I'll see you after I recover.